Lauren Abramo Personal Essay

My love of reading began early, when at three years old, I demanded that if my older brother were going to be taught to read, someone would have to teach me as well. My appetite for reading (and habit of demanding, no doubt) only grew from there!

I have very fond memories of my mother reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to me, my brother and my sister when we were young. One of the proudest moments of my young life was the day I finally finished re-reading them all by myself. These days, the weeks before my sister’s birthday are some of my favorite of the year because they give me an opportunity to comb through my memory and select my favorite books to give to her as a gift. I think that I may appreciate the exercise as much as she does!

Working at a literary agency is an exciting opportunity for me, because I am eager to find new authors to love, and delighted at the prospect of helping bring their work to others!